mother Allison Hilbig is a registered Physiotherapist, specialising in Women's Health. and has a Graduate Diploma in Child Birth Education. She writes concerning her work ...

As a womans's health physiotherapist and childbirth educator the whole area of childbirth had been of great interest to me for many years, but when pregnant with my first child I became increasingly aware of the spiritual aspects to birth and parenting and the need for Christian childbirth classes. This need was highlited by an article published in a professional journal suggesting that religious/Christian woman were less likely to have a natural birth than those with no or alternative beliefs.

Throughout the Bible children are considered to be blessings from God. God is the Creator of life; He knows us before we are even born. Pregnancy is actually the start of our parenting experience and is a time to pray for our child and prepare for the many years ahead. Birth is simply the the process by which our child comes into the world; the process by which we receive our blessing. The area of childbirth education is being infiltrated by the New Age movement and as Christians we need to reclaim it!

Several years ago God gave me a dream to teach antenatal classes with a Christian content; to teach couples about God's design of labour in order for them to experience a fulfilling and satisfying birth. These classes are interdenominational and cover all aspects of antenatal care, labour preparation and parenting issues. The following classes are available: early pregnancy classes; full class series (seven weeks); refresher classes for those already with children; pre-pregnacy classes.

Other services available are professional labour support and individual appointments

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