with Ubuntu Netbook Remix

10 August 2009, Updated 12 August 2009, 27 September 2010

This information is still very much a work in progress, Updates and corrections will be added as problems are solved.

So my new toy arrived last week, and first thing is to install Ubuntu Netbook Remix (Jaunty). The install went without a hitch except no wireless and the screen resolution is 800 x 600. Hoping that these problems will go away once all updates are installed I press on. Unfortunately there are several issues that are still not working.

Previous to this purchases, I had been using a very old 10" notebook, with very limited battery life, the specs of which would now make it very underpowed wireless-less netbook. It was heavy and larger than I really required, so this new "toy" despite the above problems is a great little device for commuting - I spend up to two hours a day on the train each way getting to and from work, so having the T91 helps me use the time a little more productively, for instance, writing this.

Despite some negative comments from others about not enough storage, keyboard to small, to small a screen, I personally think for the way I will be using it will be a great little machine. My only problem will be the intergrated battery.