with Ubuntu

10 August 2009, Updated 12 August 2009, 27 September 2010, 12 July 2011

This information is still very much a work in progress, Updates and corrections will be added as problems are solved.

I had been hanging out since the early 2009 to get my hands on one of these little notebooks. In my previous life as a Network Admin I had played with the EeePC 701 and 900. I had decided to buy a 901 with linux but by the time I made the decision they were all sold out in Australia. With the release in August of the T91 for the Australian market I was finally able to track down a retailer and orded the first computer I have ever bought as a complete unit. All my PC's prior to this had been put together from parts or second hand.

July 2011 With the version that I was running on my T91 no longer supported, decided to do the update using the update manager. Net result was failure for the T91 to even boot. After doing a little bit of a search discovered that there is no netbook remix for 11.04 so decided how I would go with a full install.

Downloaded the iso for 11.04 via bittorrent and created a USB boot. First attempt at install crashed the USB and left it unusable. Not to be daunted, got a new USB and started again. USB booted fine, found my wireless network and was able to connect. Ran off the USB to make sure it would run, backed up my home directory to external media and started a full install. Apart from taking some time to install language packs all installed fine. Was informed the "new" windows manager would not run under the existing screen driver so thought I had to do my previous hunting. After checking the link I had found last install - GMA500 Poulsbo video. Followed the instructions and installed fine then the new windows manager ran. Not sure if I like it, but seems to be able to give more screen to the programs.

Still have further testing to do. Seems to have trouble logging out and then locking up. Sound and Wireless worked without problems.

For older installs see this page.