Welcome to David's Linux page

As I am no longer a Sys Admin this page is fairly out of date.
My main computer and my netbook are now running ubuntu.

I have decided to create this page as I have set up a few linux systems and have over time found quite a few links for various sources. My first install was from slackware, and is still my prefered distribution.

I have also included a link to my page on setting up an ADSL connection with Linux and NetSpace.


Distribution Slackware Linux Packages
Obscure Slackware Packages
Web Browser Mozilla Firefox
Email client Sylpheed
Office Productivity Open Office
PABX with VoIP Asterisk
Desktop Publishing Scribus
Audio Drivers ALSA
Audio Mixer XAmixer
Audio Player AlsaPlayer
Ogg Vorbis Vorbis
MPEG Decoder MAD
Multimedia Xiph.OrgOpen
CD Ripper (for personal use only) ripperX
Audio Editor Audacity
alsaplayer Scope Plugin Nebulus
freevo media system freevo
Video Editing glnlinear
Heroine Virtual Cinelerra
Infrared remote control LIRC
Simple DirectMedia Layer SDL
Instant Messaging Server Jabber david@jabber.hilbig.id.au
Instant Messaging Server Australia Jabber Aust.
ICQ Jabber jit
Instant Messaging Client (Linux) Gabber
Instant Messaging Client (Microsoft) Yabber Instant Messenger
Scanner Software SANE Project
Bible Software Sword Project
Still working these out, does need ssl, also after installing ssl, symlinked the two files in /usr/local/ssl/lib to /usr/local/lib and re-ran ldconfig
Accounting Package GnuCash Lots of work to get this working. Extensive use of Obscure Slackware Packages and Linux Packages Also check out Installing GnuCash on Slackware
ssh Open SSL
Open SSH

If you are looking for further linux stuff to replace MS windows based software see Alternatives to Windows Software

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